Institutional Agreements with Colleges in Asia

Developing agreements with institutions in Asia can provide students with inexpensive means of studying abroad and help to internationalize your own campus. Most agreements with institutions in Asia focus on the short-term exchange of students, typically for a year, but some also include faculty exchange and collaborative research opportunities. Finding the right partner – one that shares your curricular approach and is committed to similar objectives – is crucial to making a successful agreement, so institutions should research and visit several potential partners before jumping into the writing of agreements. Some potential stumbling blocks to be aware of include differences in academic calendars (based on solar versus lunar calendars), more specialized curricula in Asian schools, and very different tuition charges in the U.S. and Asia. If exchange of professors and research collaboration are part of the agreement, then institutions will want to clarify housing arrangements and intellectual property rights over any research findings. Attention to those details in discussions with potential partners will help U.S. institutions to write successful agreements.


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