Teaching through Art and Artifacts

Using Art and Images in the Classroom

Bringing art and other forms of material culture into the classroom as part of an intentional pedagogy can enliven students’ curiosity, improve accessibility across cultural barriers, and deepen students’ appreciation of the otherwise intangible content of your courses.

Even if your campus and local community lack an Asian art collection, your students can access a number of digital resources online from all over the world. A list of online sites related to art and artifacts from Asia are found here. These include ASIANetwork’s Image Database, which houses both traditional arts (calligraphy, painting, prints, ceramics, sculpture) and an assortment of artifacts, photographs, and some multimedia works. Within this open-access database, a search for the term “Luce” will bring up the roughly 1800 Asian objects that form a part of collections at 28 ASIANetwork institutions. A search of “Luce” coupled with the institution’s name, i.e.,”Luce and Beloit”, will bring up the objects from that collection in the database. Note that the items in the image database represent only a selection of the Asian materials at these institutions; use the links provided in the list of contributors below to look for other materials related to Asia they may have. 


ASIANetwork’s Image Database

Thanks to a grant from the Luce Foundation, ASIANetwork has done extensive work cataloguing images of Asian art and material culture held at ASIANetwork colleges. The IDEAS site [https://ideasproject.org/]  provides access to these and more images for classroom and research use.

Links to museums

ASIANetwork Schools with Asian art in the IDEAS database

Links to the ASIANetwork institutions that have works of art and/or material culture included in the IDEAS project database are provided here.