Undergraduate Research

Engaging and supporting undergraduate research is one important step for student success, engaging them in an active learning process whereby they create knowledge by applying learned methodology. Along with internships and practicums, undergraduate research has become one of the most sought-after preparations for college students. 

RESOURCES for faculty interested in developing undergraduate research opportunities for their students include:

ASIANetwork’s Student-Faculty Fellows Program 

From 1998 through 2024, ASIANetwork facilitated undergraduate research through the Student-Faculty Fellows Program. Contact ASIANetwork at execdir@asianetwork.org if you are interested in opportunities in undergraduate research across disciplines and regional interests. 




As part of the ASIANetwork’s annual conference, students are invited to publicly present on their research through poster sessions. Information for students and faculty including guidelines can be found on the annual conference website.

Students can also present their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, organized by the Council for Undergraduate Research.

There are also several journals that regularly publish work by undergraduates on Asian Studies, including: 

East Asian Studies Journal | Wittenberg University  A unique scholarly journal, completely written, edited, and published by undergraduate students, focuses on studies of China, Japan, and Korea. Students are encouraged to submit their research paper for publication. 

Other options include the Colorado Journal of Asian Studies; East Asian Studies Forum and Review; and the Michigan Journal of Asian Studies



Faculty of ASIANetwork institutions are encouraged to have students submit research for the ASIANetwork McJimsey Student Essay Award or to participate in the ASIANetwork Student Video Challenge