Mission Statements

A mission statement is a concise statement that summarizes the purpose and goals of an organization. It should communicate what the organization does, who it serves and what sets it apart from others. A program mission statement needs to identify the program’s purpose and values, and to define its audience.

Below we have collected a number of different mission statements for various types of programs teaching Asian Studies, broadly defined. In some cases we have included the Student Learning Outcomes as well. If you are interested in seeing more of the latter, please visit our Student Learning Outcomes page.

Illinois Wesleyan

International Studies Mission Statement

The International Studies program is especially charged with advancing the University’s educational mission of preparing students for democratic citizenship and life in a global society. It does this through its interdisciplinary curriculum, its co-curricular activities, and its on-campus events. Given a world characterized by rapid, overlapping, and complex flows of people, technologies, goods, money, and cultures, we must be able to place our lives and experiences in the context of this dynamic human community. To this end, the International Studies Program is designed for students who are interested in studying the relationships between global problems and regional dynamics or experiences from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Program has three core educational objectives: 

  1. Enrich students’ comprehension and appreciation of the global human community through the analysis of transnational or global phenomena;
  2. Enlighten students about the lived experiences of people who occupy other parts of the globe, but who are connected to us through webs of history, power, communication, and the moral bonds of a common humanity;
  3. Encourage students to think hard, and through a variety of analytical lenses, about the inter-connectedness of our fates across the globe, and about their own place in a globalized world.
North Central College

East Asian Studies Mission Statement

The East Asian Studies program engages students in an intensive study of Chinese and Japanese language, history, religion, philosophy, art, literature and culture in order to help them acquire the knowledge and skills to pursue a career that focuses on some aspect of East Asian civilization.

The program is predicated on the principle that true communication requires an understanding of both language and culture. Students not only learn to appreciate Chinese and Japanese culture, but to better understand the distinctive cultural patterns that structure their own lives. The program provides the essential preparation to live and work in East Asia or to work in a field that involves East Asia in any way. More generally, East Asian Studies is of interest to anyone curious to explore the diversity of the human experience.

Oberlin College

East Asian Studies Mission Statement

The East Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the region that includes China, Japan, and Korea. The main goals of the program are to provide training in East Asian languages and to introduce students to the societies, cultures, and histories of the region through courses in anthropology, art history, cinema, economics, history, literature, politics and religion. Since language study is an integral part of the East Asian Studies major, interested students are strongly advised to begin language study in their first or second year at Oberlin. This is especially true of students who hope to spend time studying abroad. 

Trinity University

EAST Program Mission Statement

Because the study of another culture widens intellectual horizons by preparing students to better understand themselves, their own culture, and their responsibilities in a changing world, and because East Asia plays an ever-greater role in the international arena, the EAST Program pledges to educate students in language and culture of the most populous regions of East Asia—China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The Program therefore seeks to provide all Trinity University students with a curriculum that will allow them to attain linguistic, literary and intellectual dexterity in an East Asian language and culture and to equip majors and minors for graduate training or related careers.

Warren Wilson College

Global Studies Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Studies Program is to prepare students to be responsible citizens of the world by challenging them to understand contemporary global issues, address the historical and geographical contexts of global inequalities, and engage research agendas from an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates the humanities, the social sciences, and environmental studies.